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Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 10:14 PM


xfinity app login loop on Note-20 Ultra

I downloaded and installed the new xFinity Mobile App today my Samsung Note-20 Ultra and was unable to get logged in to the app. When I try to login I type in my Comcast User Name and account Password and then a get a screen that askes me for a verification code. I enter the code that was sent in a text message to my phone. I hit the enter key and the screen blinks 3 or 4 times and goes right back to the first login screen. I tried this several times with the same result. I had been using the streaming app earlier in the day and I was still logged into it. I logged out of the streaming app then attempted to log back in and I encountered the same login loop again. I restarted my phone and tried again with the same result. I then deleted the cache and data storage and then tried logging in again with the same looping result. I them uninstalled the xFinity Mobile app and tried to login again with the same result. I then logged out of my account on my PC and I was able to log back in without a problem. I then installed the xFinity Mobile app on my wife's Samsung S-22 and was able to login fine. I was then able to install the xFinity Mobile app on a Motorola phone and I was able to login just fine. In other Forum posts concerning this problem they are all told to go to direct message the Support Team by going to the Chat Icon at the top right corner of their computer screen. I don't see a Chat Icon on my screen. Hope that you can help.

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9 months ago

I cant log in to the home app on my note 20 ultra either, ive also tried what you have plus a factory reset of my phone and no luck there either. I can however get into the xfinity app that controls my net... so hopefully this gets fixed soon

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