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Tue, Jun 7, 2022 6:49 PM

Xfinity App buggy and can never see ALL MY DEVICES :(

I hope the xfi webpage better not go away.  It is removed from the main page (at least for me), but you can still get to it from a link on this page: Getting Started with Xfinity xFi - Xfinity Support

The interface is pretty good and is WAY faster.  The web page the webpage should be made available until the app is stable and replicates the web page.  The apps does look like it should replicate everything and may have some other new features I have not run across... but....

For me... the Xfinity App never works 100%.  It often freezes\crashes on launch enough to be very irksome\frustrating\maddening.  I am trying to use it over the web page...

Once I get in.....

The Overview tab seems to work.  I can see if my Gateway and pods are up  Clicking Network details I can usually see my password and look at the devices connected to the gateway\pods.

However, when I go to my gateway and do show all devices.  It has NEVER worked for me.  See below.

The check speed function does not always work. I would say maybe 60% of the time.

The Connect tab is where the "all device" list lives and often does not work.

The People tab seems to work 90% of the time, but I have not tried all the process yet.

The Home tab seems to work for the few smart devices I have to see their status and control a few things.

So the app does have the potential to be great.

My Android phone is up to date and is on version 12.

All my apps are up to date.

Every time I try to view all my device it sits at a white empty screen and I eventually get the popup to restart\close app.

I hate it.

LOL.  I finally decided to post this and while going through the app.  I was finally able to view all my device using the step above. 
Connect tab is also working.
Guess we will see how long this lasts.  Prior to this moment.  It never worked for me. 
So going to go ahead and post this...
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