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Tue, Apr 14, 2020 7:00 PM

Xfinity Advanced Security - RDP

Finally, Finally, Finally....

I Have contacted residential and business support at least 6 times to complain that with my new service and modem that I was unable to connect via RDP or VPN to my company server which is on Comcast Business Class. They told me each time to contact my IT dept or Microsoft. Well guess what, as soon as I turned off advanced security, BOOM I was able to connect.

Comcast read your own manuals !!!!!


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1 y ago

Ever since they automatically activated "Advanced Security" on my residential network, I now have to micro-manage my connections. I have several port forwards set up so that I could remote connect (think VPN) and now I have to use the xFi app each time I attempt to connect to my computer, which fails, to "Authorize" the connection and then attempt a second connection. I set up port forwarding and use a non-standard unused port so that I would not need to authorize each connection.

And as reply to original post: There is no manual. So many of todays programmers do not believe in documentation. Only hackers, in the good definition, are able to figure out what undocumented features there are and educate the masses.

And, my friends are no longer able to connect our games for "Internet Play" unless I:

a) authorize each IP after they have attempted connection. With this they have to attempt connection twice each time we want to play.


b) shut off "Advanced Security," negating any percieved benefits.

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