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Fri, Nov 22, 2019 7:00 PM

XFi Weeknight/Weekend Time Limits

As a parent of two teen sons 15 and 17, I am pretty upset with XFi staff for messing with a previously good way to set weeknight &weekend time limits. Your attempts to improve upon your past have really messed things up. Here’s an example: Now all I can do is set a # of total hours time limit on either weeknights or weekends for my teens.

In past, you could set an actual sliding timeframe limit on XFi access like 8am-9pm Mon-Fri and 8am-11pm on weekends.

If you give only a total number of hours limit, then if my sons were at school all weekdays and had after school clubs and not online all day but got home by bed, then they could use their 4 hour weeknight time limit at any time frame like 9pm - 1am. And yes, kids get thrilled playing xbox Live gold games with their friends in Europe or Asia who are on different time schedules (like its day there when it’s night here in the US).

Also my teens are tech knowledgeable enough to confess the parental time limits do not work in XFi if they shut off the WiFi and access these games using mobile data turned on. So there really isn’t real parental control here. It’s just an illusion and teens are smart enough to figure work around on any parental restriction of their time you set here. You are better off as a parent just sticking your home router in your bedroom and pulling the plug on it at night to enforce online computer use than trying to set time limits that can be bypassed.

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2 y ago

So, you’re blaming Comcast for your kids using a different company’s internet service? Go into the XFi app and pause the Xbox when they shouldn’t be using it, and figure out something different with your mobile carrier

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2 y ago

Hi @BC186720, we did recently introduce some changes to profiles in xFi, one of them being an enhancement for scheduling pauses on profiles.

To access this feature, select a profile and then click on the gear icon. Once on the new Profile Settings page, select Get Started or Create a Schedule next to Downtime.

From there, you can personalize your profile's pause schedules.

Select an icon, give the schedule a name, then select (or deselect) the days for the schedule to apply as well as the start/end times for the schedule. 


I hope this helps. You can find more information on Downtime and Active Time Limits here

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