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Mon, Jun 29, 2020 4:00 PM

xFi pods

Due to horrible connectivity in my home, I've qualified and been promised free xFi pods from Comcast. Problem is, it has been over a year of constant communication with Comcast in search of these pods. Multiple technicians have come to my home to confirm my poor signal as well as a handful of "supervisors" agreeing that I qualified and that pods would be sent out. 


Each and every time I ask for notes to be entered on my account, confirming the situation and promise. Each and every time, I wait. Each and every time, xfi pods never arrive. 


I'm then forced to make follow-up inquiries where I'm told that no notes are on my account and that no order was placed for me to receive pods. This has been nothing short of exhausting. 


Considering that my family and I have been Comcast customers for over 25 years, across multiple homes, I would expect FAR better service. 


Yesterday, I was told my issue had been escalated and that a note was left on my account stating that I could go into a store and pick up my pods. Yet again, no note was seen by the store manager and I was told that wouldn't be possible. I called in and was told to fill out the online form for pods AGAIN and that I would receive a call this morning. I received no call. 


My request - I would appreciate a CSR looking into this and doing what is necessary to get me the xfi pods that I have been promised for far too long. 


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