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Fri, Aug 6, 2021 12:37 AM

xFi Pod Evaluation

I've been extremely frustrated with a similar situation since I signed up for xFi Complete about a month ago. I live in a 100 year old house with plaster walls, and get very poor reception anywhere aside from the main floor of the house. I received my "evaluation" that simply told me that my coverage was "looking great!", which it isn't. I have no idea how they tested this, because I have to run a powerline adapter upstairs just to get a reliable connection as it's so slow on wifi (1/4 of my rated speed, with high ping and lag spikes in games). I called and spoke to support and they also told me that since I received an email saying everything "looked fine", that I'd have to pay for the pod rather than get a free one. What am I supposed to do now? Their test is obviously flawed, and I was under the impression I was supposed to receive a free pod with this package that I purchased, but it seems to be a bait & switch so far based on an inaccurate "test". Can anyone from customer service please contact me to see how I can get the pod that I believe I should be eligible for?

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Hello, @TheThirdeYe. Thank you for reaching out about our whole home evaluation for our xFi services. If the initial evaluation does not determine a pod is recommended, the system will perform an additional test after 6 months to re-evaluate the connection. The pods are available for free if the evaluation determines the account qualifies; otherwise, they may be purchased online. 


Six-Month Check-up

If you are not recommended for an xFi Pod, you’ll receive another evaluation in six months. Depending on the results of the second evaluation, you’ll receive one of two emails indicating:

  • Your coverage is still looking great!


  • Your most recent review shows that your WiFi coverage may benefit from an xFi Pod, available to you at no extra cost. This email will include a link to order an xFi Pod at no additional cost. The same online order link will be available in xFi's Notification Center and the xFi Pod Redemption tile in the Overview tab of the Xfinity app or xFi website.

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