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Fri, Mar 27, 2020 9:00 PM

XFi not working on Pause

So I have had the XFi app setup for some time. My kid has a bedtime and it has worker for over a year.

This week his bedtime stopped working.

According to the app his devices are asleep and when I check his computer by name it says it is currently paused until 11:30am tomorrow.

However his computer works perfectly fine, surfs the web connected to our home Wi-Fi, no, he's not connected to xfinity Wi-Fi either, he's connected to our normal connection, the one that says he's paused.

Update: So it's apparently only certain sites. For example Roblox.com does not work but YouTube does.

I cleared his browsing data to make sure the sites weren't cached. Even if I use a different browser it works.

It does limit his youtube searches and says restricted mode is enabled but his computer has no problems watching YouTube while paused for bedtime. That is new from this week.


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