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Sat, Mar 28, 2020 9:00 AM

XFI modem slow in Bridged mode. Resolved

Upgraded to gigabit service and got the XFI modem.  Wanted to keep Orbi wifi 6 AX5700 for wifi.  When setup XFI in Bridged modem and letting Orbi handle router\wifi functions only getting 500-600mb throught hardwire mac.  Had Xfinity tech come out and check line. After checking line he believed something wrong with XFI modem itself.  He than told me a senior tech support person would call. Of course NO one did.  So I did some addition steps.  I setup ORBI to be Access point and disabled Bridge mode on XFI to allow router functions.  Also disable WIFI on XFI. Boom 850-950gb.  Hope this helps people in same situation.   cheers


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