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Mon, Sep 30, 2019 7:00 AM

xFi Gateway and Orbi RBR50

Just upgraded to Gig Speed via Comcast (from 250 MBPS) and have some questions.  We previously had our own modem and the Orbi RBR50 with one sattelite.  With this set up, we had perfect service in every upstairs room.  With the xFi modem provided, those rooms are getting spotty service.  Comcast set us up with xFi advantage to monitor the performance around the house and will send us the xFi pods if there are any problem spots.   Looking online at these pods, the max speed is 200 MBPS.   My main questions are:


- Will I still be able to moniter individual device via the xFi app if I bridge the gateway and use the Orbi in AP mode?  The Orbi app was never very good at providing data, and I like the features of the xFi app.


- Will I have to re-set up every device if I go the bridge mode route with the Orbi, or will all the information stay the same (network name, password, etc)


- Do the xFi pods provide a decent enough mesh network that is comparible to the Orbi, so I don't have to rename/re-set up everything if in fact I do have to reconfigure everything?


Thank you!

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2 y ago

I haven't done it yet.   I am in a 2 week home assesment window where Xfinity will monitor the data speeds and determine if they will send me the xfi pods.  If the data comes back as it should, I have some upstairs bedrooms that just don't pull the speeds/reliability that they should.  

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