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Wed, Feb 19, 2020 2:00 PM


Xfi app unable to find active Ipad Pro 11

Xfi app showed me the ipad pro 11 is not conneted, but it is working fine. I turned off the divice couple times but it never came up as active. I alredy conneted two more ipads.

Some one could tell me what I have to do?







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2 y ago

Go into settings on your iPad. Then general, then about. Change the name to something more specific like Charlie's iPad Pro then back out of settings.  Log out of X1 mobile app then log back in. On the devices tab, look for the so named iPad. If you don't think see that name, look at other iPads that may appear in the list as connected or not connected devices. Once you find an iPad that you suspect may be the one you're looking for, go to device details and compare to info for your iPad under the settings and general tab. If you see a pencil at the top of your screen for the iPad edit it so you will recognize it. The pencil may not show up if the device is connected to ur network. Warning: I don't think the X1 app is working properly at this time. I've had times this week that I couldn't access any information at all. Good luck. 

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