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Sun, Jul 5, 2020 2:00 AM

xFi app refuses to let me sign in - Enable Your Browser



I since downloaded the xFi app to facilitate troubleshooting and only found a bug-ridden mess. The most prevalent has been an inability to even access the mobile app. When I try to log into my account on there, it says I "haven't enabled a browser", despite it not.


The specific error code is "Enable Your Browser: The web browser is disabled on this d evice. To continue, enable in Settings." When I go there, it shows the 3 browsers on my phone enabled. 

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S8+. I've been very, very frustrated with this terrible app, and this is only my troubles.


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1 y ago


I've been having trouble with this app again. My phone keeps dropping connection to my WiFI since it hops between, and splitting the 2.4g and 5g bands helped alleviate that last time. I know how to split the bands, but xFi refuses to do so.


It hangs on "Changing WiFi settings, please give us a moment". While I'm sure it takes a bit of time, I find it hard to believe that it takes 30 minutes to split the bands. I'm upset at the sheer amount of bugs - XFi is probably the most poorly coded website I've ever seen.

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