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Mon, Nov 25, 2019 12:00 PM

XFi app problems

I am taking the time to post here in the forums as suggested on the reply to my one star review in the Google Play Store. 


I went to an Xfinity store to set up my new service. When I set it up, the rep searched his database and found I was a past Xfinity customer, and used that account. Unfortunately, that sent the installer to the old address on my day of install (no coax to house in new place.) A call to customer service (3 actually) ended up having a 2nd account opened in my name (with a 2nd credit check!) so as to get the installer to correct location. Installation happened, and my 2 accounts were "linked."

Unfortunately, the XFi app seems to only see my old, deactivated address, and informs me that I do not have a current account. So I called and texted and chatted with customer service to have my ID and password unlinked from old account. The old account STILL shows up in my Xfinity Account app, and the XFi app tells me I have no service, no matter what steps I follow for logging in. 


I have spent over 7 hours on the phone and text chatting with agents, along with filling out over 10 surveys as to quality control and followup calls asking me why in heaven's name I wouldn't recommend Xfinity to my friends and family (because it uses up too much of your time trying to get it to work as advertised? Perhaps?) and I have had my service for less than 2 weeks. 


I don't get upset, and I think that the reps I have spoken with find me pretty reasonable, although stubbornly resistant to their attempts to upsell me to TV and XFi Advanced (why would I upgrade if the service I pay for already doesn't work as advertised?). 


Anyone here know how to actually get my XFi to work? I have checked, and the app is said to be compatible with hardware I have. While we're at it, the Account app and website say that I'm "Restricted" and cannot set up autopay. 


Fun times...




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2 y ago

Hi @Flounderguts


We appreciate you for using the Xfinity Forums to share your experience. This isn't what we want for our customers. I have the tools necessary to help get this taken care of. I'd also like to make sure your credit is not affected b the duplicate transactions as well.  


Can you please send a private message with your first and last name as it appears on your account? To send a private message, click on "Comcast_Support” and then click “send a message". 

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