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Sun, Oct 31, 2021 3:39 PM


xFi App - Pause devices defeated by disconnecting and re-connecting to wifi

Paused devices (specifically Xbox is the issue for me) are able to connect to wifi after being paused, either on schedule or manually.

As you can see by my screen shot, I'm being notified that my son is reconnecting to be able to stay up until 7 in the morning playing Xbox.  I don't expect xFi to parent my child, but I expect the system I'm paying for to work properly.

Thank you.


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1 year ago

Good morning, @Sir_Beef, and thanks for reaching out through our Community Forums page about the Xfi functionality and your concerns with the Pause Devices feature! As a parent of teens, one of which is also a late-night gamer, I can definitely feel your frustration here! My kids learned that when their timer ran out and their devices paused, they could connect to the Xfinity WiFi Hotspot to circumvent it. He gets some lag on the PS4 on the hotspot, but he can still play. 


Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for us, these are the normal parameters of the app, and the Pause function is working properly as much as you've described. I would recommend changing the password for your WiFi, so that if he disconnects his XBox to try to reconnect, he won't be able to without you providing the password to him.

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1 year ago

Hi @Sir_Beef , I work on our connectivity products here at Comcast, and we're working on new features for our parental controls.  I'd love to hear more what you're looking for in a parental controls solution.  Would you be OK if I shoot you a direct message to chat more?

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