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Thu, Sep 10, 2020 8:00 PM

xFi App not showing any connected devices

I just set up the Modem, and it does not display any devices that connected to it. The model number is TG4482A, firmware TG4482PC2_4.4p7s2_PEOD_sey. Is there any solution to it?


Also, the plan I purchased promised 1000MB/s download speed and I understand that is theoretical speed, but the actual download rate I get is only about 20MB/s using ethernet cable. This does not make any sense. Any idea how to improve it?


Thank you.


Update: I connected my PC with the router directly and the actual download speed become normal up to 80MB/s. But I still can't see the list of devices in the xfi App.


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8 m ago

I've also been dealing with this for the past couple of months.  I've probably spoken to 8-10 customer service reps who are unable to address anything with this problem.  Each time we speak, I'm told that this is going to be elevated to the "highest level".  Not sure what that means, but I never get a return call or follow-up from anyone.  Terrible customer service.


About a month ago, one of their reps recommended changing the network name/password.  We did that and went back and reconnected our 12-15 devices.  This seemed to work for the rest of that day, until we woke up the next morning and everything showed as "previously connected" and was no longer on the network....even though all of these things were connected.


Two weeks ago, I was working with someone who said to go in and "forget" all of those devices that were previously on the network and let them reconnect on their own.  This also seemed to work for a few hours until these things started to drop off the network (at least according to the app).  However they were still on the network.  Now when I try to go this route, things that I have "forgotten" disappear and don't even show up on the conncected or previously connected list.....while they are still connected to the network.


Yesterday I spent over an hour on two calls to customer service.  The first rep said that there was nothing that they can do and it would have to be elevated.  They said they were going to transfer me to someone in that department, then hung up on me.  I called back, and got a another CR rep.  Spoke to them about the situation (even while having a ticket number, I still have to re-tell my situation every time I speak to a rep).  She said that there was nothing that she could do, and that it would have to be elevated (now the 7-8th time that I've been told this) and to "keep my phone lines open" because someone would be calling back that day.....well that was over 12 hours ago and no one has reached out.  That same rep said I would also get an email with step by step instructions on how to go in and find devices that have fallen off (the ones that were forgotten and never returned to either list), never got that either.  


Bottom line, if one of your highly touted features is able to control/pause devices and manage your network through the really should work.  


Update as of 10/2/20:

  • I had an hour phone call with 2 reps this past Sunday, no help could be offered.
  • I had an hour phone call with 1 rep last night, no help could be offered.
  • I had a 30 minute phone call with a rep this afternoon.  They're now saying that this is due to an app outage that they've known about since the end of May (yes, that's right, over 4 months ago).  All they can say is that things are being escalated and they're aware of the problem.  

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8 m ago

I have the same problem. I have tried everything suggested elsewhere in this forum and a couple of things work only for a day or so.


Xfinity, can you please help us with this?

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