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Tue, Feb 4, 2020 10:00 PM

Xfi app can only link 1 Honeywell Thermostat

I have 2 Honeywell wifi thermostats. When i go to link them in Xfi app it appears to work, but i only see my "Downstairs" thermostat in my Xfi app control.. and not the "Upstairs" one.

On the Honeywell site i see both thermostats are subscribed, but Xfi only shows 1 of them.

I have tried to unlink everything and that appears to work. After that i tried to link just the "Upstairs" thermostat and it appears to work but Xfi will still not show it.

No matter what i do now Xfi will only show the "Downstairs" thermostat.

What can i do to clear this in Xfi?



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