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Mon, Jul 12, 2021 1:26 PM


Xfi app and Home Security features

I understand your goal is to do away with the Xfinity Home app and just center everything on the Xfi app, but right now the only Home Security Feature I can use on the Xfi app is the cameras.  I do not see any access to Activity or my Thermostat.  Are those still in the works or are they getting dropped?

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Hello and thank you for reaching out with your concerns. I also have Xfinity Home set up on my account, so I can understand where you are coming from.


Right now, the Xfinity Home app is the core app that XH subscribers use to manage their Xfinity Home service. This may change in the future, and I assure you, if it does change, there will be functionality to arm and disarm your system from our app, along with all the other XH features you know and love.


You can still continue to use the XH App to view cameras and motion clips, but the Xfinity App is where you can go for the full-featured camera experience to manage 24/7 Recording, Motion Notifications, as well as additional upcoming enhancements... and the Xfinity App offers many other features - especially if you have our xFi service and Advanced Security with Xfinity Internet.


I hope this helps clarify things for you!



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