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Mon, Aug 10, 2020 2:00 PM

Xfi app and connected devices not accurate

Whether I use the xFi app on my phone or try to use it online, it will say I only have 30 some connected devices when I actually have around 110 according to my network scanner.  I'm looking right now at my connected Foscam IP cameras, which are all online and the xFi app reports only 1, 3, and 8 are connected (I have 9.)  

Why this is a nuisance is it makes setting up port forwarding almost impossible.  In the old days, I could set up a port for my camera but putting in the IP, for example and pointing that to port 2010.  Now, you have to use the worthless xFi app and it will only allow you to assign ports to devices it considers online.  This app is worthless and I'm almost sorry I "upgraded" to the XB6 a few months ago.  I should have just bought another router and done all my DHCP on it with the gateway bridged.

Anyone have any clue how to make connected devices show up?  I have tried resetting the XB6, power cycling "not connected" devices and so on.  Such a pain to ever change or set up any additional port forwarding.



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