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Thu, Jul 9, 2020 12:00 PM

XFi Advanced Security is Blocking My Client's Website

I’m in the process of making a website for my client. It works perfectly fine on other internet providers and on cellular data, but Comcast / Xfinity / xFi Advanced Security is blocking it.

All online tests say everything is fine with the site, so I know it’s on Comcast’s end. And if I disable Advanced Security the site loads fine.


It’s an informational website being created to help local givernments get the information they need to fight Covid effectively. It's extremely important that this website is accessible to Comcast / Xfinity users. Blocking this information could literally jeapordize lives.


I can turn off advanced security for my own network, but that doesn’t change the fact that it means millions of people who have Comcast still wouldn’t be able to access it. The issue is that the site is being flagged for no reason. is the domain.


I have been on support calls for a week with no progress.

Please let me know who can take care of this.

Thank you in advance


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1 y ago

Did you ever get an answer.  I am having this problem also and it is really causing me problems.


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