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Fri, Aug 21, 2020 5:00 PM

xFi advanced security blocking sites

Is there a way to whitelist ip/ domain and not dealing with chat support? They not really helpful...


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Unfortunately, Comcast has installed this malware-like feature which blocks good sites and allows no way to override the block. Go to your xFi (internet) service, and click on More and then My Services. When xFi Advanced Security comes up, disable it.


Why Comcast is using such a flawed service is anybody's guess. And the block screen doesn't indicate where the service is originating from so that the poor user knows where to look for a fix. It's not a malware download. It's Comcast.


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1 y ago

My company has a domain that is being flagged as "phishing" by xFi Advanced Security. No other contant management site is showing an issue. We need to solve this without telling our users to disable their security.

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