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Wed, Aug 26, 2020 5:00 AM

xFi Advanced Security blocked a threat...???

I just signed up for the Gigabit service and now have the xFi security. I have had several FDT webcams in my home for a few years and have done my best to "protect" them (at least to my knowledge).


Since I have started using my new xFi Gigabit service, I have been getting the following "threat" notifications, "xFi Advanced Security blocked a threat on to protect your home network."


It goes on to say,


"Here's What's Happening

There were attempts made to access from a known malicious source. We've blocked 6 of these threats this week, but only 3 require action." And "Source IP - We've blocked a known suspicious IP from Singapore from accessing this device."
So, what exactly is going on here???
Prior to having the new xFi security service, were my webcams being accessed by God knows who, throughout the globe?
Is the xFi security blocking normal/regular traffic that my camera utilizes, like when I am trying to access the camera's feed? I haven't had any issues with that, by the way.
I'm mostly wondering if there are clips of me and my family circulating the dark web somewhere. 😯😯😯




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