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Mon, Feb 3, 2020 2:00 PM

Wifi Assessment - A joke!

I signed up for 600mbps wifi / 220+ Channel TV service. I was told at installation that a remote analysis would be done to determine if Pod wifi extenders would be needed for my 2 story,  4000 sf house, and if so, they would be provided at no cost to me. The analysis came in saying all was well, when in fact is is not.  I verified with support there is a very weak signal in the spot where my wife spends most of her internet time. We are only getting 90 mbps there with only 2 devices connected to wifi, both high end, recently purchased Apple devices.  When asked if I could appeal the decision I was told "there is a cost of doing business"...despite agreement that my plan does offer the Pods for free.  This is a day after a chat rep told me to drive to the local store (20 miles away) where they would provide them at no charge.  All I ask is to get what I signed up for.  90mbps ain't it.


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