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Tue, Apr 14, 2020 7:00 AM

Unknown New Devices Connecting

I’m renting a gateway from Comcast so I use the xFi app to manage things.

For the past few days, I’ve had a constant stream of new devices connecting. None of them are mine.

I tried removing them after they’ve disconnected but they keep coming back. I tried pausing them but they connect again with a “-1” or “-2” at the end of the name.

I’ve restarted the gateway multiple times and changed the password, but it still happens.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or do I need to just buy my own equipment to secure my network?


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1 y ago

Hello @uEUcLnQf . My apologies you are experiencing this issue. As long as you have a strong password, with Xfinity xFi, your network should be secured. Please make sure that these devices that keep connecting to your network are devices that should be connected (ex : smartphone(s), tablets, smart tvs, wireless printer, or the gateway itself). Also, would you kindly provide answers to the below questions. 


  1. Are the devices showing as Connected currently?
  2. Do the devices have a valid IP Address? 
  3. Do the MAC Addresses look normal?
  4. Is the network security mode set, or do you have it as an open network?
  5. Do you have xFi pods? 
  6. Did you recently swap gateways? 
  7. How did you get the Gateway? Was it shipped SIK, did a tech swap it during an appt, or did you swap old for new in a store?

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1 y ago

I am having same issue! Did you ever find the solution?



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1 y ago

Their Advanced Security feature has recently been pushed to their gateway devices via a firmware update whether you want it or not, hence the hypochondriac notices. It's buggy.

We've seen many many posts about this here lately ! The work-around is to disable the Advanced Security and not use it for now, it's buggy.;




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