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Thu, Aug 20, 2020 11:00 AM

Unknown devices shown on Xfi app

I've searched the forum and Google, and haven't found an answer yet. When looking at the devices connected to my network on the Xfi app, I see one shown as TelitCom and one shown as Wistron Neweb. They have been on my network for a while. I paused them a while back with the hopes of being able to delete them, but the app still won't let me forget the devices. Unlike the wifi on a cell phone or a laptop, you can't just forget a device on Xfi and reconnect it. Apparently, as long as they are connected, you can't forget them from the network. Pause seems to stop the connection to internet only. And all my devices were connected when these two were paused. Everything worked. The only thing I can think of, is that I used to have a set of XPods on my wifi, but they didn't help with my network, so I returned them. But these unknown connections were not there when I had the pods. I just wanted to see if anyone had an idea before I change my password on everything.


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1 y ago

I started having the same problem yesterday. I can’t seem to get any help in resolving the issue.



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10 m ago

TelitCom sounds like an app installed on a pc too aid in telework or tele education. Do you have an app installed such as this on one of the pc's in ur home. Wistron Neweb is a type of router possibly it's attached to a gaming console? 

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