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Thu, May 21, 2020 8:00 PM

This Device is PAUSED,

I have been w/ you guys since 04/28/2020, I have had NOTHING but trouble bc No ONE can fix my issue...I call at least twice a day not speaking w/ a Human..Ive spoken with SEVERAL agents and still to no avail w/ the issue. Im an essential IT for the hospital and Im hardwired in but everyone keeps troubleshooting the WiFi issues,,,Im unable to connect w/ my phone nor any of my devices Secured and Unsecured for this error that no one can fix!! Any more suggestions? (Ive spoken w/ about 12 agents already Level 1-3, and Retention agents and they refuse to have someone chk my connection physically)


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1 y ago

Hello @MissKeys I am so sorry to hear that frustration!  If i am understanding correctly, the message you are getting is that the device you are attempting to connect is in a status of "paused"?  If this is the case it is very easy to unpause a device.  If you have not yet, please download the Xfinity xFi app and under the devices section it will allow you to unpause as well as pause devices.  I hope this helps.  Thanks!

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