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Fri, Apr 17, 2020 1:00 AM

Teenage wifi control

I like being able to shut down a device individually with my xfi app so I have a bit of control over my teenagers use.. but he's figured it out. Can I get it with a password for just me to control?



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1 y ago

That’s what your password now is for. Change it and don’t tell anyone

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1 y ago

This is my issue as well. Every night my son is able to connect as another completely different device on his Xbox (example - new devices are called “Xbox 2” and “Xbox 12”). I set up text alerts so I get notified of new connections but this is in early AM hours and I am asleep. These devices auto connect to the WiFi as they are not in the paused group that his Xbox is assigned to. How can I stop this WITHOUT changing WiFi password? Is there a way I have the option to “approve” anyone who wants to join our network instead of the devices automatically connecting?

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