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Thu, Oct 24, 2019 6:00 AM

Static IP with residential service?

Hey everyone, does anyone know if it is possible to get a static IP address  with residential service? I assume there would be some fee, but I can't get a straight answer from tech support. In fact, one guy I talked to said "No comcast doesnt do static ip", I told him how business class offers it, then he retracted his statement and told me that in order to get a static ip, the modem has to stay off for 6 hours, then when it turns back on, I will have a static ip. I thought that was hilarious.   Any help/advice would be appreciated

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2 y ago

Statics are only offered through business class service, not residential

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1 y ago

I just ordered a static IP address, for my home, because I have some devices that I need to be able to access, remotely, 24/7, and having a dynamic IP makes it impossible without switching one's Modem to "Bridge" mode, BUT, with my Modem set for "Bridge", I kept getting dropped.  However, for some reason, Static IP is a "business" service, and it requires a different Modem and a different cable from the box to the house, BUT the monthly fee is outrageous.  I had to weigh the cost/benefits and had to go with this, because of the need to have remote access...although right now I am not going anywhere, so this may be just wishful thinking for the future!

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