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Sat, May 16, 2020 5:00 AM

Setup port forwarding on xfinity modem

How do I setup port forwarding on an xfinity modem? I've tried the xfi app instructions, but they seem to have updated xfi so there are no longer advanced options available in the app.


I've also tried logging into the modem directly, however, I have no idea what the password for is.





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1 y ago

Admin is the default username and password is the default password.


Also, see this: https://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Xfinity-xFi/xFi-Advanced-Network-Settings-Missing/m-p/3329283#M16720

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I have an alarm system on my network at Reserved address: I have always used port forwarding to access this device from outside my LAN. With the changes introduced with Xfi, I could no longer set port forward logged into the Gateway ( Gateway keeps directing me to xfinity.com/myxfi. To enable port forwarding, I first had to turn off Advanced Security. For some unknown reason, my alarm system never appears in the drop-down list of online devices eligible for port forwarding (although I can log into my alarm system from within the LAN). After hours chatting with Xfinity support, I gave up and placed my device (IP address) in the DMZ. Since my device ONLY accepts requests from one specific port, it works for me. This may be an option for you, as well. Good luck

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