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Tue, May 5, 2020 10:00 AM


I have had pods for almost a year due to poor wifi coverage- they have helped.  However, now - they all have stopped working and when i research via Xfinity app/sites it says my router/modem *which i lease) is no longer compatible with pods.  I assume i have a very old modem/router?  The wifi is terrible and have tried calling Xfinity 2-3 times and cannot get a rep.  Can someone help as working from home with poor internet is less than ideal. 


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1 y ago

Can you take it to your local Xfinity store and have them give you a new Modem/ Router since you are leasing it? Another thing to save you money is to buy your own modem/ router xfinity compatible, instead of paying them leasing on a monthly basis...... saves you tons of money!

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