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Fri, Jun 24, 2022 2:57 AM

Reserved IP address in port forwarding doesn't match LAN ip

Trying to add a Port forward through the xfi website as and the reserved IP on the port forward is not the same as my LAN IP. It's creating a huge problem for gaming as you can imagine. It's impossible for my friends to join my dedicated server :(. 

Someone please help. Tried this already: https://forums.xfinity.com/conversations/xfinity-app/port-forwarding-in-xfi-has-the-right-device-but-the-wrong-reserved-ip-address/602dae20c5375f08cddf193d?commentId=602daf2cc5375f08cd036ab9#M17005

But no dice. This is definitely still an issue with the web app and some type of bug I'm not smart enough to understand. But whats up with this? Any help appreciated. Many thanks!! 

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2 m ago

Hello, there @user_77b261 thank you some for your post on our community forum for help with your port forwarding not working. With the IP address when setting up port forwarding the Xfinity app will use the IP address from DHCP to set a static MAC bind and establish the port forward rule. Do not attempt to set a static IP in the app, if you have done this you will want to remove the information. Secondly, 

Check Device Details and confirm that the device is using an IPv4 address to connect to the network and not an IPv6 address. The Xfinity app can only support port forwards for devices using IPv4 addresses. If the device is dual stack, you should check with the device manufacturer on how to disable the IPv6 or set the IPv4 as “Preferred”.

If you checked on both of those options mentioned in the article you linked I would definitely need some more information to better help. To start is this an Xfinty-provided modem/gateway or are you using your own modem? 

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