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Sun, Dec 6, 2020 8:00 AM


Re: Unknown devices shown on Xfi app

I've been having the exact same problem. The app shows a handful of connected devices with names like "Bruce," "Brooke," "Samsung Phone," etc., none of which I can identify.

Other devices seem duplicates of other connected devices but with different names. 

I have tried pausing them but I cannot delete them while they're still connected. I can't disconnect them because I don't own them. 


This is all very confusing and I wouldn't worry about it were it not for the possible security implications.


I hope we can get an answer from Xfinity.

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2 y ago

When this happens to me, I the respective device. I am able to do this from the xfi app whether the respective device is currently online or not. Even if the MAC is spoofed they have to enter a new one to attempt entry. Consider also that these are devices that are attempting to connect to any network and, if your network is password protected, being stopped at the entry point yet still being recorded as being 'on' your network, but disallowed 'in' your network. You're correct in being paranoid, however. When you think you're being paranoid, you're not being paranoid enough.;)
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