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Fri, Dec 13, 2019 6:00 AM

Re: Pods

I just installed 3 Xpods Meshed with a recently acquired / free upgrade to Comcast technicolor router modem and having good results at least for what i am doing which is wifi stuff- roku streaming 3 /4 standard TVs,the usual Internet surfing, no gaming, a few cams, weather station, wifi printer. alexa dots from the house and out to an attached real issues IMHO. I made a point to set up as many of the XPODS in a star schema (meaning they connect direct to the router with only one serially to another Pod to the garage)..this took some playing around before i found the sweet spots...
I like the ability to retain comcasts router with pods meaning i essentially have 4 logical wifis vs having to disable comcasts primary router which is what you do you buy other mesh solutions such as Eero or orbies (have not tested these however)
The xpod mesh learns itself over time and moves or connects devices to the best connection point..i.e if i move around the house with my phone or laptop etc i also tempered trying to be to too focused on speedtest Mbps results vs functional results i.e. the ability to see streaming (only require min of 15Mbps) and alexa devices which now perform fine even out to a garage..i tried to balance spend vs actual needs..

.thanks. g

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