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Thursday, November 17th, 2022 2:22 PM


Port Forwarding Offline Devices

I have a new Xfinity modem that is not registering devices properly. It's showing devices as (Offline Devices) when they are clearly online. I need to setup port forwarding on some of these devices but am not able to since the modem thinks they are offline. 

How do I get the modem to understand these devices are online? 

I've rebooted everything a couple times. I've tried setting up reservations and DHCP. I've changed my IP address scheme with no luck. 

example devices: NAS | Win 10 Desktop | Win 11 Desktop



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1 year ago

From my research this issue has been around since 2021. It is March 2023 and I still have this issue trying to find out how to fix it. Anyone got an answer yet? Seems Xfinity's only solution is to say make sure its IPv4 only, reboot router, reboot router, reboot router, oh and reboot router. Then say a prayer to the Gods and kill a baby goat. 




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THIS. That part right there!! There will be no answer. I have THE SAME PROBLEM. Thought it was me...nevermind, I got a netgear aio I'll try and if that doesn't work...CenturyLink.

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