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Thu, Apr 30, 2020 11:00 AM

Port forwarding not working. Help?

Hello ive been trying to port forward multiple ports for a game (only one is needed but the others werent working so i tried more) i disabled advanced security disabled my firewall restarted everything. Still the ports are not open despite saying they are on the xfinity website which i used to open the ports. Also on the default admin gateway i tried enabling and disabling port triggering im not sure what that is if anyone could tell me that aswell but i mainly need help solving my port forwarding problem. Thanks. Also I found a couple other users post explaining the exact problem so this isnt just me and helping me would help at least a few other people.



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1 y ago

Hello please try these steps if they do not work then i'll escalate it and no ETA is available for a resolution.

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