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Wed, Mar 11, 2020 1:00 PM

Port Forward has wrong IP address

I am trying to forward a port for a device but it is getting the wrong IP address. I see no way to manually enter an IP address either. When I check the detail view for the device under Devices it shows the correct IP address in there but when I try to add it under port forwarding it comes up wrong. Is there any way to manually specify an IP address on the website? It seems absurd that the built-in port forwarding on the xfinity router had that option but the website doesn't!



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1 y ago

I have this exact issue as well.  Incredibly frustrating since it means my Plex Media Server is constantly triggering IPs to be blocked, since my port forward is being ignored due to having the wrong IP address!


Every time I add a port forward to my Plex media server, the Xfi app lists it as having an IP of  But the computer is using a fixed IP of  The end result is that the port forward never works.
I've also sent a PM to a Comcast employee who postts in here and responded to someone in another thread asking for a PM to help resolve the issue, but have nott gotten a response.  Drives me nuts every day.

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