Monday, October 9th, 2023 10:23 PM

Pause Devices not working for Active Time Limit

I have created a profile for each person in my home and attached all of their devices to the correct profile. I set up active time limits for all people and chose for devices to be paused when the time limit is reached. The pausing of devices is failing.

For example, yesterday a user that has a 12 hour time limit set up had 13 hrs & 55 minutes of active time. 

And today a user that has a 1 hour time limit set has over 9 hours and counting of active time. 

I reviewed the devices connected during these time periods and double checked to make sure that those devices are assigned to the right person - they are.

How can I fix this so the devices will actually be paused and no additional active time accrued until after midnight? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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5 months ago

Hello @ejvest. Thanks for reaching our team on Forums. Are you attempting to manage the feature to pause the devices through the Xfinity app or website?

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