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Tue, Mar 24, 2020 1:00 PM

Parental Controls are filtering out online school content served by

My kids are now attending school from home due to COVID-19.  I have my kids set up on a profile in xFi and I have parental controls turned on for their profiles.


We ran into a problem this morning when the kids logged into school via  

They can get to all of their content EXCEPT for teacher-hosted video.  Video links will not stream when hosted at URLs like:


To temporarily solve this issue, I have turned off parental control on their profiles. 

I know I can't white list any URLs as part of the xFi parental controls, but would instead like to ask Xfinity/Comcast to allow Google Drive links in order to support at home schooling.  Thank you.




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1 y ago

Comcast Xfi- this issues still is unresolved. Please advise on how to keep our kids safe with parental controls during distance learning. As the original poster stated, the only workaround is to disable it to allow for .mp4 videos to play inside of Google Classroom.





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