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Tue, Apr 28, 2020 5:00 AM

Over 200 "threats" every day of the week

I have 200 to 300 threats "attacking" 2 of the 6 devices connected to my gateway. Both devices are mine & the only ones hardwired (Ethernet).

When running Nmap against these "threats", either to acquire actual location or ping location approximation no matter where xfi says the " threat" is from, every one of them checked resolve as eminating FROM my gateway. And now the ping from gateway to me is 196ms, yet every hop on the list resolves from 35ms - 50/60 Ms.

Advanced security asks me to reset my gateway 5 - 10 times every day, seven days a week. Immediately after resetting there are 20 to 60 new threats which occur in groups of listed IP s, each group attacking my rig at the same times down to the second. Why would my gateway create hundreds of multiple threats, daily, continuing to do so even immediately after it walks me through how to respond to the respective threats multiple times per day?





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1 y ago

Their Advanced Security feature has recently been pushed to their gateway devices via a firmware update whether you want it or not, hence the hypochondriac notices. It's buggy.

We've seen many many posts about this here lately ! The work-around is to disable the Advanced Security and not use it for now, it's buggy.;




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