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Tue, Jun 16, 2020 8:00 PM

Nothing works right in the app

Let's just start with the pause feature. If I hit "until I unpause" I expect that device to stay paused until I hit unpause. Unfortunately if there is a schedule for that device, it automatically unpauses when the wake up time comes about.
Also, just to pause or unpause a specific device or profile, can be a chore unto itself. I have to refresh the app multiple times and then finally it might actually work. To be clear, I'll hit pause, it will go to the screen where its says the device is paused and I have to hit ok. Then when it goes back to the profile, it's still not paused, even after refreshing the page or closing the app and reopening.

Then there are the time limits. Almost never do they actually turn off when they are suppose to. I will time 3hrs myself of nonstop, continuous use, and it does not shut off the internet.

The only thing that does kind of work right is the schedules but even those are a hassle. You can only create schedules that don't conflict (which I understand). However it would be nice to be able to create different schedules for a device (such as grounded and ungrounded). Unfortunately right now, you can't do that or assign a device to more than one profile. So there's no easy to switch back and forth between different setups for different situations. So if you want to change anything drastically or turn a device off in a foolproof manner, you have to scrap the previous setup completely and build a whole new one(grounded). Then do it all over again when you go back to normal (ungrounded).

If all the features worked as they were supposed to, this would be unnecessary, but, again, it won't stay paused, if I can even get it to pause at all.

So in a nut shell, the main features don't even work as advertised, and there's no way to work around the flaws to at least make this app some what useful. I would say it maybe works 50% of the time and that's being generous.



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1 y ago

@Dmall1  I escalated all of the isuses you mentioned and please let us know if it gets better and please try to unstall it and install it back.  Please also make sure you are running the newest update. If possible please try the app on a different phone as well and tell us if it works better thanks!

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