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Thu, Sep 10, 2020 12:00 PM


New Version of xFi Pods?

Does anyone know anything about an upcoming new version of the xFi pods? 

Especially a date on availability.


Recently we switched from using our old Orbi system to actually utilizing our xFinity wifi.  Unfortunately, that has revealed a couple of areas in our home that have a weak wifi signal.  I wanted to get a pack of the xFi pods to resolve the issue, but that turned out to not be so simple.


I chatted with support and asked how to get pods that are included in my xFi Complete plan.  I was told that a wifi assessment first had to be completed, and then the pods could be shipped to me, but that would take 2+ weeks.  Not interested in dealing with these issues for another 2+ weeks, I asked if I could just go to the nearest store and buy the pods.  I was told that was an option and asked if the store would actually have them in stock.  She took a few minutes to confirm the address of a nearby store with the pods in stock.  I thanked her and headed to the store.


This is where things took another turn.  I get to the store and explain I want to buy a pack of the pods, at which I am told they don't have any in stock.  I mention my earlier conversation and ask if they know of another store in the area with pods in stock.  Then I'm told that none of the stores in the area have pods in stock anymore - because they were all instructed to ship their pods back in.  She explained a 2nd version of the pods was coming out and that necessitated returning their old pods.


So now I'm looking for information on this 2nd version of pods.  What's the difference?  More importantly, when and how can I get them?

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