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Thu, Apr 16, 2020 1:00 PM

Manual Connects to xFi Pods

Apparently there is no way to assign a specific device to a specific pod. This presents a real problem for my setup. I use a Chromecast Audio device to stream music to my non-bluetooth speaker on my outside deck/yard. I play Pandora from my phone to do this. The problem is my Chromecast is in a specific location all the time and therefore always connects to a specific pod. When I go to my deck, my phone always connects to a different pod, which then disconnects my ability to control my music from my phone because phone and Chromecast must be connected to the same pod for that to work. Sure would be nice to be able to assign and keep a specific device to a specific pod in a situation like this. And yes I know this sort of defeats what a "mesh" network is meant to do which is great for my other devices but not this situation



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1 y ago

Hello we understand and we are sorry that it is not possible to assign a device to a specific pod.  Yes like you mentioned the pods are designed to work off each other "mesh"  and in most cases the device will automatically connect to the best pod. 



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4 m ago

This pretty much makes the pods useless. If a device is 5 feet away from a pod yet for some reason is connecting to a pod in the basement (real scenario), what's the point?




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4 m ago

Year old dead thread now being closed.

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