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Fri, Jan 8, 2021 10:00 AM

Internet security at home? how to tell if someone is on my wifi


How does one monitor whether all internet activity is secure? I have had a neighbor into stalking and breaking into my network. Yes, it was reported to the police before. I have the app 'who's on my wifi' -- how do I monitor that and what do I look for? Can someone recommend a techie company who can help me with this kind of security? 






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5 m ago

Download the Xfi app and you should see all on ur network (s). If you have the comcast supplied router, XB6, etc, Advanced Security comes with the rental fee of $15. 

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4 m ago

Thanks. I'm a bit naive with this. What are the ways that someone would hack into my system? Would Comcast Security be able to tell me if there is a hack?

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