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Sat, May 23, 2020 7:00 AM

Interesting experience with xPods install/uninstall and wifi speeds

Ok, so this is a weird seemingly accidental upgrade to my wifi signal.  Who knows if it is long lasting, but wanted to share.  


I am on Extreme 300 plan.  I got one of the newer Arris gateways about a month ago.  After doing speed tests throughout the house and getting maybe 35/5 down/up in first floor rooms (router is on second floor), I research and order 3 xPods.  Install them May 18 and everything went smooth.  Problem is, about half of the devices in my home now show they are connected to wifi network, but wont load web pages (what I call a ghost connection).  Other half are blazing fast.  My iphone 8 showing speeds 250 Mbps+.  Of note, every device is now connected to a pod and none to the Gateway, even though my phone is 2 inches from the Gateway.  


Now I will admit I am impatient and had only done selective research.  I now understand you need to wait 2-7 days to fully optimize based on many users experience.  Frustrated with other tech problems recently, I uninstall my xPods same evening before finding this out.  


After uninstall, every device is back on the Gateway and show they are connected.   However, devices that had the ghost connections with the xPods were still not able to see the outside world.  Forget the network, reconnect the network, same issues.  No further action since had to sleep and work and would work on it the next night.  


About 24 hours later, all devices now working normally again.  No xPods installed, just the Gateway router.  Run speed tests from living room, kitchen, basement, garage.  All show very fast wifi speeds, many 250+.  A few days later, same results.  I can't explain it, but it seems like the Pod setup process unlocked my gateway to pump out the wifi.  


I may reintall the xPods again knowing that patience is required, but frankly, I dont want to mess with a good thing.  Same experience chronicled in this cool youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG9dZGOnBHs&feature=youtu.be





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1 y ago

@HeavyGT  Interesting that now your speeds are perfect without the pods and i don't know what happened but using the pods doesn't change how the gateway reacts to devices on wifi except using the pods does combine the 2.4ghz and 5ghz together and before maybe you was accessing the 5ghz from the 1st floor?  I am glad it worked for you whatever happened and yeah never a reason to mess with something that is working perfect! 



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