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Fri, Oct 25, 2019 10:00 PM

I have xfinity internet. Hotspot says that I am not an xifinity user and that I need to buy a pass.

I got xfinity home internet in June. I recently tried to sign into a public hotspot with my information that I use for my xfinity account to pay the bills and manage my service and whatever. But, then it tells me that I need to buy a pass. I called Xfinity 2 times about this. A technician came out to my house (because customer service said the problem might be my modem. How? I don’t know). I have also gone to a local xfinity office. Why can’t anyone seem to help me? The last time on the phone, they said that my name/user id is on 2 accounts and that the other one has a balance on it. This doesn’t seem to make sense to me even though this “other account” is in another state. I have never lived in the state that they mentioned and they didn’t even make any suggestions about what to do. I mean, when you start the service, don’t they run your SSN to see if you have a previous account? Anyways, I’m pretty annoyed about this.

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2 y ago

Tell them the other account is fradulant and you need to talk to their security people.  It may take some time for them to call you back.   Normal customer service won't be able to fix it.

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