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Fri, Aug 21, 2020 5:00 PM

I Cannot order free Xfi Pods

Today I received a notification in my Xfi application that I could request the xpods for free to improve my Wi-Fi connection. But I cannot request them. At the end of the process it tells me: "Temporarily unavailableThe product you're interested in isn’t available for purchase at this time. Get updates about Xfinity Home, Xfinity Cameras, and 24/7 Video Recording."
I called the call center and they told me to go to a store to get the xpods. I had to drive several kilometers to an xfinity store, so that the people in the store told me that they do not have xpods and that I should do that online. I have driven several kilometers again to get home without having solved anything. The people in the call center have no idea and the people in the store never solve anything for you either.
Now how do we fix this?
Now, none of the people I have talked to have forgotten to offer me new services, television, more internet, security and even the moon. And already annoyed I have answered him: If not even the internet and the free pods thing works well, why do you offer me more things? Do you think I can trust a company that doesn't keep its word? I think you are only interested in selling and selling but nothing about having a good customer service.




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2 m ago

I've been experiencing a  similar situation (since shortly switching to xfinity), though I haven't gone to a physical store. Trying to see if any resolution will ever be posted here.

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