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Fri, Oct 4, 2019 10:00 AM

How to forward port with xfi, using different start and end port numbers



title says it all: following the xfi procedure to forward a port from my gateway to a connected device, I can't seem to be able to specify a different start port (on the gateway) and end port (on the device). I can only specify one port number used for both start and end.

What I want to achieve is to forward say:

- port 2022 on the gateway to the port 22 of a given device

- port 2023 on the gateway to the port 22 of another device

this way I can ssh into one device or the other, by chosing the proper port.

Can I achieve that with xfi ? and if yes how ?

This was possible with the old admin interface (


Thanks in advance.

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1 y ago

they don't answer because its not possible with the new interface... it's completely rediculous. I ended up haveing to put the router in bridge mode, set up a different router and access point. Good Luck!

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