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Monday, August 1st, 2022 4:21 PM


How do I get xFinity App on a PC?

I received this email today:

We are writing to remind you that as of August 4, 2022, some of the features that allow you to manage your home WiFi network will only be available through the free Xfinity app and will no longer be available online at

When I click through to get the free XFinity App, my choices are Apple Store or Google Play. Will these apps work on a PC? If not, how do I get the PC app?


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10 months ago

Same here. I don't think my 1990s Radio Shack wireless (not wifi or cellular) telephone can install apps, and it would really blow to try and do anything punching the touchtone buttons in any case.

Perhaps the best plan would be to call up Tech Support to get someone to do anything that requires the app?

Or maybe Comcast will happily supply a smartphone for free (including service) for this use? I mean, the app is *required*, after all.

Or, well, TDS is opening up service up in my area, might be time to bail and see what service I can get there...

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10 months ago

Hello @sduraybito2 ! Thank you so much for reaching out with these concerns regarding the XFi website. The communication you're referencing only applies to the Xfinity xFi website found at, and does not affect any other functions or account management activity via Xfinity My Account. The app really is a great complement and Wi-Fi management tool. When looking on a PC at something like Google Play Store, it will tell you if the app is available as a PC download or mobile only. All of our Apps are mobile only.



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8 months ago

I need the old website or a PC application 

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