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Thu, Apr 16, 2020 4:00 AM


Given the run around Regarding Xfi pods

I am absolutely at my wits end regarding comcast. I was guaranteed Xfi pods by two different agents, due to poor service in my home, and have still had no luck ordering them. I'll start from the begining. We upgraded our service about 4 months ago to the Xfi router assuming that was the reason we were having so many issues with the connection dropping. That did not resolve any of our issues. The 2 week scan did not determine we needed the pods but experience is sometimes more accurate than technology. so about 3 weeks ago I began the tedious and tiresome process of trying to work everything out. The first conntact attempt was a 1.5 hour wait on hold before speaking to anyone. When someone finally picked up and stated she could help me, the line disconnected. I called back immediatly but couldn't get through because after the long wait they were out of business hours. The second attempt was a 4 hour long phone call in which I spoke to 3 different people. The first was a sales rep, because that was the only way I could get to a human, the second was a customer service rep who was unable to do anything for me and the third was an account manager who guaranteed I would receive the pods after filling out a form. I filled out a form, never received a confirmation email, but I gave it a few days because I am sure they are very busy right now. I finally decided to try and contact them again after 2 weeks and the pods not showing up. This time I decided to chat in because I wasn't mentally prepared to go though that waiting process on the phone again. someone finally answered my chat and I explained my situation, they were very appreciative of my patience and professional. They then informed me that there was no record of my interaction with the account manager and that there were no pods being sent to me. They sent me the form again to fill out. I did. I asked them who to contact if it did not go through again, they guatanteed me that I will receive a confirmation email in 24 hours after dodging my question several times. I decided to let it rest and give it a chance. No email ever came. I decided to contact them through facebook this time, I really just wanted to have every kind of dissapointing experience with comcast that I could, it took 2 days for someone to returm my message. I explained my situation to Damon, he asked me questions I answered and then he stopped responding with zero explanation. If this issue isn't resolved im switching to at&t my partner uses them and has zero connectivity issues in a house full of gamers, but equally as important their customer service actually serves their customers. Wow that was long. Any suggestions to get this resolved?

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2 y ago

Hello, I understand your frustration and I am here to assist you. Please send me a direct message by clicking on my name so that we can discuss your pods.  We're  sorry that your  evaluation stated that you are not in need of the pods however you are still experiencing issues. 


Please send me both you full name and your Xfinity account number through a personal direct message only. 

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