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Mon, Sep 30, 2019 12:00 PM

Gateway is permanently named "Master Bedroom"

Hi, so I noticed in the Xfinity Xfi web portal dashboard all my connected devices as I wanted to identify and label them accordingly. I would use each device info/IP address to identity them and noticed that that the IP address that corresponds to my gateway was accidentally labeled as "Master bedroom" instead of the wireless cable box upstairs (that is still it's generic ArrisGro-xxx name). I've noticed I can edit names and assign profiles to basically every connected device under my gateway like my phone but I can only assign the gateway to a profile and not rename it-this creates this redunancy by having "Master bedroom" assigned to XXX but doesn't resolve the label name. I performed a factory resest of the gateway and changed the Wifi name/password to start fresh and kick each connected device off the list so I could forget each one including "Master bedroom". I initially thought I solved it and that device would dissappear but sure enought it reappeared once again but now the device info shows "Master bedroom" as so I don't know what is going on. At this point I'm wondering if a hardware exchange is the only way to properly resolve this name conflict that's persisting. Any advice is appreciated.

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2 y ago

Did you try just going to the X1 box itself and renaming it there? If you’re trying to rename the gateway it may need a factory reset to do so

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