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Wed, May 27, 2020 9:00 AM

Free Pods

I was told when I switched over to the xFi system that an assessment would be done.  Based on that, I could be eligible for free wifi extention Pods to improve my wifi in our home which is the reason I switched in the first place.  The assessment determined that I was in fact eligible and I contacted a customer service rep and asked "how can I get the free Pods?"  The very nice girl that I spoke to had never heard of such a deal.  After she investigated it she found information about the deal and verified that I was eligible for 3 free Pods.  That was about 4 weeks ago and I haven't see anything in the mail as far as Pods or notification of any kind about them.  FYI, my wifi is still very spotting throughout my house.  Could someone please help me in getting the Pods so I can use my wifi the way I was told I would be able to.  Thanks, Matt


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1 y ago

Hi Matt,

I am very sorry to hear that you have had such a tough time getting the pods.  When you received the email about being eligible for the pods, there was a blue button on the bottom that should say "get xFi pods".  When you click on that you would simply follow the prompts in ordering the complimentary pods.  My understanding is that if you try to call to order or go through the regular website you would have to pay.  The pods are exclusively for folks who have the xFi advantage service.  I would go back to that email you received and order through that.  I hope this helps, have a great night!  

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1 y ago

I am having a similar problem getting the free xFi pods. I received a notification 2 days ago saying an assessment was finished and that as an xFi Advantage customer, I could get 3 free Pods. Today I logged into my Comcast account and found the same message about the free Pods. I clicked on the link and everything looked fine until a message popped up saying “Sorry contact Comcast.” I tried the link several times with the same result each time. I initiated a chat session where I wad told that Comcast never sent Pods for free. How can I get the Pods that I’m told on my account that I ca have?

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