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Sat, Sep 14, 2019 9:00 AM

Forwarding broken. Xfi router blocking internal traffic

I have just set up port forwarding to IP cameras in my house in xfi.   I could view those cameras  without a problem from both internally and externally (to my network) until you started mucking with port forwarding and moved it to the xFi app. As soon as I  set up the forward in xfi, your modem started blocking my traffic inside my network to the same camera.  In other words I can now see my camera from outside  my network, but I cannot reach it (Using static IP address and port number)  from inside my network (from wifi devices)  anymore. Yes the static IP address is reserved for the camera. I actually have more than one camera same behavior for all of them.  If  I remove the port forward from the modem, now I can see the camera internally  again.  your modem clearly is not allowing traffic from both external and internal clients.  Cameras themselves are on wired LAN. Experienced network person here so already tried restarting my modem,  ...several times  thanks.  Problem is definitely with your software on your modem.  I’m getting really close to moving my service to Verizon.

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